SUNN TRIO in Europe’s Western Lands

***Sunn Trio, one of the hottest new bands around, walking with perfect elegance on the thin line between psychedelic free form & avant-jazz, the melting point between Sun City Girls, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and the Meat Puppets are coming to visit Europes Western Lands….

Yeez, we’re regularly not into always loosing big words…..but hell, we’re somewhat proud, that they will make it all the way….

As you might rememeber, last fall we fell  out oft he blue into your living room  with their album „Fayrus“, which shows them in perfect shape…..

Now we are going to offer it for a special price to promote and support Sunn Trio.

SUNN TRIO – FAYRUS LP+7“ (UNROCKLP011-7) €18 (click on the tour poster to purchase)


More soon to come…..gotta run, m