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Out soon on Unrock……

We’re coming up soon with two new vinyl releases in editions of 300 copies. SUNN TRIO / SAM SHALABI – Trippin’ On Coleman LP (Saraswati Covers Series) ***Soundtrack for a Punjabi opium coma……. SHALABI EFFECT – Friends Of The Prophet 6   LP (Unrock Series) ***A Middle-Eastern Frankenstein…..

UNROCK’s ARCHIVAL SINGLE BOX SET / V/A – Well Known Strangers 14×7″

For your ears only……   The Well Known Strangers 14×7“ Singles Box Set finally documents what we have been doing during the last few years….. It features numerous excellent and adventurous contributions from Sir Richard Bishop, the weird lo-fi interpretations of Ennio Morricone songs by Alvarius B., Middle-East-All-Stars Karkhana killing it by playing the tunesian […]

Limpe Fuchs /Distanz 6 – Samstag, 15.08.20 Krefeld, Theaterplatz, Open Air

Limpe Fuchs /Distanz 6  – Samstag, 15.08.20 Krefeld, Theaterplatz, Open Air Foto : Lamia Karic unrock/sputnic DISTANZ 6, EXPERIMENT A.L. Abend mit 3 Gang Menue Sa. 15.8.2020 – 18.00-24.00 – 2 Bühnen! „DISTANZ Kulturant“ Service am Tisch Für maximal 100 Personen, wer zu erst mailt malt zuerst! Inkl. 3 Gänge Menue , 20€ Bitte anmelden […]

We’re awaiting new titles from 2182 Recording company….will be available soon….

The first new Sun City Girls release since Funeral Mariachi (2010), Live at the Sky Church is a performance that melds their signature alien-jazz improv, Asian-tinged psychedelia, and Middle Eastern meditations together with their ranting psychodrama. An audio and visual recording from Seattle in 2004 shows a group that is both aware and committed to […]

Karkhana – Bitter Balls LP reviewed by Raven Sings The Blues

  The arms of Karkhana spread wide and embrace rivulets of noise, experimental eddies, psychedelic jazz, and raga rotations. The band pulls in players from Beirut, Cairo, and Istanbul alongside Montreal’s Sam Shalabai (Land of Kush, Mosasses, Shalabi Effect) for a sound that’s decidedly progressive while adhering to a traditional core of Middle Eastern tones […]