Sir Richard Bishop – Saginaw Racket 2LP (UnrockLP026)


***2024 opens with a big bang for the community of our microcosm. The first new recordings of Sir Richard Bishop since the release of “Oneiric Formulary” on Drag City will be out on Unrock early in 2024.

Saginaw Racket offers a new facette Richard Bishop never showed before. Released as a limited edition double album on vinyl only, Saginaw Racket contains 4 tracks which are each side long. The recordings are brandnew, and absolutely surprising. The good Sir takes no prisoners and plays like you never heard him play before. The album celebrates the electric guitar like a very few others only. Brainfrying cascades and eruptions, one after the other are going down on the listener. Richard Bishop leads you through the four tracks, which are all played on electric guitar only, with a lot of drive,  the tracks are shiny glittering diamonds and immensley  entertaining in their roughness. The complete recordings have a special vibe, filled with the artistic brilliance Bishop has to offer.

Saginaw Racket will be released in a limited edition of 400 copies in black vinyl, and a special preferential edition will be available as well. The edition of 50 copies only will contain a bonus 7″ lathe cut with two unreleased tracks of Sir Richard Bishop and will excluselively distributed through our website for pre-order only.

Note on your own behalf : For our friends and followers in the United Kingdom. Unrock will not longer be distributed by Cargo UK in Great Britain. Until a new distribution partner has been found, dealing directly with us, seems to be the best option. Shopholders and other resellers are invited as well to contact us on that behalf