Alvarius B – Chin Spirits (Durga) 10“ (UnrockEP003)
***The next installment in Unrock’s Saraswati series presents a trip into the spiritual wonderland of Alvarius B aka Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands) . Deep down heavy Sun City Girls flavored Dada deluxe. Crackling midgets, purist psychedelia. A cocoon of seven colorful, shiny monoliths of essential nonsense, each dirty pearl standing by itself. Limited edition one time pressing. An extended edition will be available including a 2 song 7" and ready for preorder soon.


Side A:
There’s A Jackson In Your Whitehouse / Stingwray/ Toniqa / The De-Tuning Lounge
Side B:
Castle Dwarf, Daughter Of Bruno / Lighthouse Migraine / Chin Spirits


We still have very limited quantities of the

SIR RICHARD BISHOP / BILL ORCUTT - Road Stories LP+7" (extended edition)

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Sir Richard Bishop/Bill Orcutt – Split 7“

Nach wiederholten Verzögerungen ist endlich die auf 150 Stück limitierte 7“ Single, welche die Extended Edition unserer aktuellen Sir Richard Bishop/Bill Orcutt – Road Stories LP komplettiert, bei uns eingetroffen. Alle Vorbestellungen werden in den nächsten Tagen verschickt. Ich bedanke mich für eure Geduld.

After an unusual long delay on the SRB/Bill Orcutt Split 7“ which was announced in a limited run of 150 copies to complete the extended edition version of our recent release (SRB/Bill Orcutt – Road Stories LP) the missing 7” is finally in stock. Preorders will be shipped now.  Thanks for your patience.

232 c

Sir Richard Bishop / Bill Orcutt – Road Stories (Kali) LP+7” (UnrockLP004/extra edition)

***The first installment in Unrock’s new string wringer Saraswati Series presents two of today’s most extraordinary guitar maniacs captured on location. While Orcutt, “re-inventor of the Blues”, falls from abstraction into acoustic hardcore serenade on his wooden 4-string guitar, the Kali-inspired Bishop improvises elegantly and calmly through a feverish 17 minute variation of “Zurvan”.
Limited edition one time pressing of 750 copies. All copies have a solid cardboard insert.

The first 150 copies of “Road Stories (Kali)” are available with a numbered Split 7” by Bill & Richard. Bill’s improvisation was recorded while he was alone on stage at the Damenwartesaal with our technician Peter , right before the show. It has a mild flow and I would call it fragile. The magic of the moment is captured in full. Richard contributes a rocking version of the Sun City Girls classic “Opium Den” and his voice sounds like you never heard him sing before. The 7” has a running time of nearly 12 minutes and a full color sleeve, showing details of the album cover.