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Sam Shalabi / Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi – Mother Of All Sinners LP (UnrockLP007)  

***Our own Saraswati Series, mostly string orientated, zigzags between the lines where underground and High-Art performance overlap. Out jumps the first part of our actively anti-Western sub series :  the “Puppet on a String” twin albums!  Osama Shalabi, a born Egyptian (best known for his work with Shalabi Effect & Land Of Kush), is an expert playing the Oud, a traveler between the eastern and western worlds and long time contributor to the Montreal scene. Sam -who spent the last few years home in Cairo- breathes his own sense of space and time through the epic „Tamara”, an 18 minute long melodic, delightful improvisation. The other story starts in Agouza, Cairo, where Sam Shalabi & Alan Bishop spent some time jamming . They’d run free, lose form, find intensity, and wound up creating a contemporary version of oriental psychedelic free form. A mind-blowing , wild, never mellow Cairo night, now documented here. It‘s getting intense: A north-African sand storm.

“Mother Of All Sinners” will be released as a one-time limited run pressing on 140g. vinyl. It has an extra heavy de-Luxe cover and a solid printed inlay.

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Side A    Tamara             

Sam Shalabi : Oud

Recorded in Montreal, Quebec , March 2016

Side AA   Faith Of Our Fathers

Alan Bishop : vocals and alto sax / Sam Shalabi : electric guitar and oud

Recorded at 100 Copies Cairo, Egypt by Mahmoud Refat

7 Bishop Shalabi cover insideFor those early birds amongst you, the first copies come with an extra 7”. Extra ? No way... It‘s ultra-extra enjoyable... It features Mr. Koko in an ode to Agouza‘s  famous coffee/kebab shop. Mr. Shalabi has created a thoughtful earworm, electronic but analogue, synthesizers merged with his guitar in the mix. A shiny, tiny pearl. On The other side Alan Bishop stepped into his Alvarius B mode for a sing-a-long-ding-a-doodley-dong version of „Why Can‘t Chinese Women Drive”, recorded earlier this century at Unrock‘s 20th anniversary show. Can you feel the love ?

Mother Of All Sinners LP+7" is ready for preorder and will ship around August, 20th.

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A TRIO WITH ALAN BISHOP – BURJ Al IMAM (UnrockLP006/Extended Edition)

A Trio

***Entirely recorded at Tunefork Studios on the outskirts of Beirut,  the album’s  five tracks include three largely powerful and driven improvised numbers, a loose reworking of  Sun City Girls track "The Imam," and a cover of traditional Americana song "Gently Johnny", which was often a highlight at Alvarius B (Alan Bishop) solo shows.  True to their habits, the Lebanese trio of trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj (Karkhana), guitarist Sharif Sehnaoui (Karkhana), and bassist Raed Yassin (Praed, Johnny Kafta) create acoustic improvised drones that range from insistent, chiming resonances with emergency alarm bells to low, thrumming hums.  Avoiding conventional technique, A Trio manages to create sounds like motorized devices to generate rattling, metallic vibrations, building a mechanistic backdrop out of which the instruments' true voices occasionally arise. With Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands, Dwarfs Of East Agouza) and his guitar and enigmatic voice in the mix, alternating between howling dervish and gentle crooning , this recording reaches an exceptional depth with strange sounds boiling down to a dark, heavy spiritual syrup. Psychedelic, industrial Free-Jazz.  a-trio gatefold inside


"Bury Al Imam" is pressed on 140g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, containing a special drawing by Mazen Kerbaj. Released on the Beirut based Annihaya label as CD-only in 2015, the recording has nowbeen mastered for vinyl by Harris Newman (Constellation) and is ready for release on Unrock. 500 hand numbered copies.

7" a Trio B&W & Or Großes Raster. We offer as usual an extra-edition of the release. The first 100 copies are available with a one-sided 7” single with full color cover, containing the elsewhere unavailable 6min. long track “Roughly Jenny”.

For more info and to purchase a copy, please file under “Unrock Label” on this website. If you’re having trouble with the “German” menu, feel free to email me.