Sir Richard Bishop – The Unrock Tapes LP


***bishop-sir-richard-unrock-tapesAfter having released records on labels such as Locust, Drag City and John Fahey’s Revenant, “The Unrock Tapes” was released on Unrock in 2010. It contains eight complete tracks, six of which are highlights taken from earlier tour CDrs that were released on micro-editions years ago. They have never been available on vinyl. Two new and unreleased songs make this album even more special.

Bishops guitar playing skills contain a variety of influences.  The spirit of his former outfit Sun City Girls is still floating through the album, even if it is not the musical intention, however it gives an impression of an underlying ever increasing and developing personal signature. On the one hand, Bishop uses influences respectfully (Omar Khorshid) and on the other hand his style is typically disrespectful. His guitar playing is delicate and hybrid; because of his subtle skills Bishop is able to express himself in a wide range of styles without losing authenticity. That his Ragas fray out and end up in distortion and his Flamenco sounds Arabic, is also part of his game. “The Unrock Tapes” was originally released in a limited pressing of 500 copies in 140g clear, virgin vinyl. It has sold out quickly. Following public demand a limited repress with the cover printed inside-out in white vinyl was made . It is available from now on.

 “In order for guitar music to have value, it must remain new and on the move. There shall be no safe or sacred ground. To take risks and to challenge one's self and one's listeners, is the only way to maintain any worth."  Richard Bishop



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