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We’re awaiting new titles from 2182 Recording company….will be available soon….

The first new Sun City Girls release since Funeral Mariachi (2010), Live at the Sky Church is a performance that melds their signature alien-jazz improv, Asian-tinged psychedelia, and Middle Eastern meditations together with their ranting psychodrama. An audio and visual recording from Seattle in 2004 shows a group that is both aware and committed to […]

Karkhana – Bitter Balls LP reviewed by Raven Sings The Blues

  The arms of Karkhana spread wide and embrace rivulets of noise, experimental eddies, psychedelic jazz, and raga rotations. The band pulls in players from Beirut, Cairo, and Istanbul alongside Montreal’s Sam Shalabai (Land of Kush, Mosasses, Shalabi Effect) for a sound that’s decidedly progressive while adhering to a traditional core of Middle Eastern tones […]

Raven Sings The Blues review SRB & Ed Yazijian – s/t LP on Unrock

There are always currents quietly bubbling under the collective consciousness – tributaries of sound that go largely unnoticed by a buying public, but for those who are tapped to the right frequencies they are as vital as any. One such current happens to be Unrock’s collaborative 12”s with the brothers Bishop. Dubbed the Saraswati Series, […]


UNROCK RETURNS TO KREFELD ! (…..for a single show) SUNN TRIO, aus Phoenix, Arizona, deren Zweitling „FAYRUS“ (arabisch für Virus) 2018 bei uns erschien, sind zu ihrer ersten kleineren Europatournee aufgebrochen. Nach einem Auftritt beim Tusk-Festival und einer Stipvisite im berühmten Londoner Café Oto kommen Joel Robinson und Co. in unsere Breiten. Der sogenannte „Sun-Damaged […]

SUNN TRIO in Europe’s Western Lands

***Sunn Trio, one of the hottest new bands around, walking with perfect elegance on the thin line between psychedelic free form & avant-jazz, the melting point between Sun City Girls, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and the Meat Puppets are coming to visit Europes Western Lands…. Yeez, we’re regularly not into always loosing big words…..but […]

AAAMM – “A”Trio & AMM LP Review from “The Wire”

„A“Trio & AMM – AAMM LP Unrock LP Awareness focused in the fingertips;  close attention extended  through the hand’s grip and its versatile movements pressure of the prehensile thumb, flexing of the wrist. Percussionist Eddie Prévost and pianist John Tilbury transmit tactile sensitivity through their music, and sensations of touch evidently feed back into their […]

CARTE BLANCHE (reviewed by Toneshift)

If you are into, read what Toneshift wrote about Carte Blanche… Aesthetic cooking in a spiritual saucepan, with multicultural raw materials. If this doesn’t make any sense, keep reading. The Saraswati series of the German label Unrock, is hosting one-of-a-kind music outfits; releasing curation of the utmost care. Carte Blanche is such a fine example, where […]