Sir Richard Bishop/Bill Orcutt – Road Stories (Kali) 180g LP


Small Front Cover SRB - Bill Orcutt - Road Stories***The first installment in Unrock’s new string wringer Saraswati Series presents two of today’s most extraordinary guitar maniacs captured on location. While Orcutt, “re-inventor of the Blues”, falls from abstraction into acoustic hardcore serenade on his wooden 4-string guitar, the Kali-inspired Bishop improvises elegantly and calmly through a feverish 17 minute variation of “Zurvan”. Limited edition of 750 copies. 180g. vinyl. Includes a full-color solid cardboard insert.

Kali Side :
Shades Of Zurvan (Sir Richard Bishop, electric guitar)

Saraswati Side :
A Genealogy of Dysfunction / America Abridged /Always Already Reissued / The Mother of Us All/ Beloved Megaphone (Bill Orcutt, 4-string guitar)

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