Karkhana – Nafas/Nefes 7″

Karkhana - Nafas/Nefes 7"

Kkarkhanaarkhana.......have you heard of them ? Besides the Dwarfs Of East Agouza it is the hottest new band around. Trust me with this.

Karkhana consists of musicians from Beirut, Cairo & Istanbul ,they are a string based orchestra with some  percussion added.  Sam Shalabi is in the band, Maurice Louca is , Sharif Sehnaoui &Mazen Kerbaj are and recently it’s Umut Caglar and Ozun Usta as well. Names you know from your  A Trio, Dwarfs Of East Agouza, Maurice Louca & Johnny Kafta, etc. records.

They had an album on Italian blend Sagittarius A-Star which was sold out quicker as you can say Karkhana. It’s histoy now. But they have a new limited 7” which will probably does not get into your next door record-shop.  It contains simply two of the best new songs I’ve heard this year so far, honestly.  Artwork is from Mazen Kerbaj, who did (well, not only) the drawing inside the A Trio w/ Alan Bishop LP.  Make sure to get your copy now…

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