Eyvind Kang / Tashi Dorji – Mother Of All Saints LP+7″


kang_dorji-cover-final***Our own Saraswati Series, mostly string orientated, zigzags between the lines where underground and High-Art performance overlap. Here is the second and final part of our actively anti-western sub series :  the “Puppet on a String” twin albums !

The second twin in our special edition sub-series of actively anti-western music is an ultra heavyweight. In the worlds of contemporary global avant-art, composition and improvisation, it reaches new heights.

Tashi Dorji - an exceptional guitar playing soul from Bhutan - came through the Lower Rhine Area and stopped for a recording at Ivory Tower. A soulful afternoon and evening resulted in a relaxed, playful record showing the skills and talents of Tashi in full.

Eyvind Kang (whose art I was first confronted with when I heard him play on Sun City Girls Ghost Ghat Tresspass/Sussmeier  from “330.003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda") employs a rarely-heard viola technique. We call it plucking art. The Viola is played not with a bow, but plucked with the fingers of the right hand, resulting in a completely distinct sound. Eyvind Kang is a master and has reinvented this special technique.  Two solo viola tracks (one a cover of an Albert Ayler piece),  with melodies of outstanding beauty and fragility develop into perfection. Two additional tracks also feature Indonesian cello player  Krusnedi Sukarwanto from Surakarta, and Ghanaan percussionist Yah Amponsah, performing koncrong style.

Like it’s sister release (Sam Shalabi/Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi – Mother Of All Sinners )
“Mother Of All Saints” will be released as a one-time limited run pressing (342) on 140g. vinyl. It has an extra heavy deluxe cover and a solid printed inlay.










The first copies are available as a de-luxe package including an extra split 7”.

Eyvind Kang side :

Low Duchy Regalia

For Leroy Jenkins

Krus Kontrol


Tashi Dorji side :

Birds Sing The Mountain Grow Dark

Tomorrow It May Become Firewood, Crackling In The Flames

Extra 7”

Eyvind Kang side : Sonic Gnostic

Tashi Dorji side : If I Were You, I’d Leap Into The Torrent

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