Charalambides – Glowing Raw LP

Charalambides - Glowing Raw LP

DCharalambides Glowingrawing Room. "Illusory, dreadful magic lies within their music. Terror is present but fleeting. Relief exists with all its attendant pleasure; yet, relief can only emerge in the wake of tension. Glowing Raw is a record full of such intricacies. Charalambides’ music carries the curious quality of being tethered only by itself. Tom and Christina Carter don’t pull music(s) in as much as they reach out to touch them, and in so doing, they summon a place that exists only when they play. The music shies neither from traditionalism nor formlessness. It’s easy to ascribe a landscape-like quality to this music, and easier still to presume that the landscape of the music is the scene of their surroundings. Yet, what emerges is a place existing only in the hearts of those conjuring it. Glowing Raw… Any glow worthy of the name is, if you think about it, always raw. No one glows on command…” – Matt Krefting

Recorded in the late-90s, with a very limited CDR release a decade later, Glowing Raw represents an important but often-unheard artwork in the all-amazing recording history of Charalambides. Created around the same time as the crucial Houston album, Glowing Raw is Charalambides in essential and pure form. It’s powerful and potent.

Drawing Room is proud to present the first time vinyl release of Glowing Raw. Each LP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl housed in a full color matte jacket (with download) and includes a foldout poster

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