Alvarius B – Chin Spirits (Durga) 10″+7″

UnrockEP003 (extended edition)

AB - Chin Spirits 10 a-sideAB - Chin Spirits 7 a-side***The next installment in Unrock’s Saraswati series presents a trip into the spiritual wonderland of Alvarius B aka Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands) . Deep down heavy Sun City Girls flavored Dada deluxe. Crackling midgets, purist psychedelia. A cocoon of seven colorful, shiny monoliths of essential nonsense, each dirty pearl standing by itself. Limited edition one time pressing. 200 copies are available as an extended edition, featuring a 2-track 7"inch single containing exclusive songs. The single is pressed on clear wax and has an extra full color sleeve. This edition is an Unrock exclusive and only available here.

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